Bio-Rad Science Ambassador Program

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Bio-Rad Science Ambassador Teachers

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Host a Science Ambassador event in your classroom

Please use the form below to register with the Bio-Rad Science Ambassador Program and we'll start searching for volunteer scientists in your area. The program is currently open to classrooms in grades 3–12 in schools across the United States and Canada.

The contact information you provide here will be used to match you with scientists, confirm your classroom event, and send important notifications. Please add to your email contacts so you don't miss any of these important messages.

What's next?

After you register, we'll email you when we've found possible scientists in your school's area, and provide instructions for contacting your selected scientist to arrange and confirm your event. It may require more time to find a local scientist in certain areas, but we'll keep searching until you've completed your classroom activity.

Please note: Scientists are provided with experiment materials sufficient for a class of 36 students. If you are planning a large school- or district-wide event, please contact us to discuss available options.

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*If you are a U.S.-licensed physician, Bio-Rad will need to disclose certain complimentary or promotional items that you may receive as a participant in this program in its annual report to the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

**Health care providers in MA, VT and CT are not eligible for complimentary or promotional items that other participants in this program may receive.

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