Bio-Rad Science Ambassador Program

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Bio-Rad Science Ambassador program - Your profession is your passion. Pass it on.

Make a Difference Be a Science Ambassador

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Introduce young people to the wonders of science

The Bio-Rad Science Ambassador Program helps pair working scientists with Educators to increase access to quality science education — and foster a lifelong interest in science — among students from every background. This program is currently open to classrooms in grades 3–12 in schools across the United States and Canada.

The program builds partnerships between the life sciences and education communities by sponsoring in-class events where primary and secondary school students conduct their own molecular biology experiments under the guidance of actual scientists. Students learn real-world experimental procedures while learning in a hands-on way that science is exciting and fun.

Science Ambassadors are usually research scientists and science Educators, but volunteers come from many parts of the academic and industrial world. If you have a background in life sciences, there are ample opportunities to get involved with the program as a Scientist or Teacher.

Be a part of something rewarding and constructive

When you volunteer to be a Bio-Rad Science Ambassador, you become an advocate for science education and an inspiration to a new generation of scientists. You'll provide a unique educational experience for an entire classroom of students who don't usually interact with researchers. You'll improve education in your local community and you'll see children's faces light up when they pick up on your passion for science.

Pass along your pioneering spirit to a new generation

You can give students an extraordinary opportunity to participate in a fun and interactive science research educational activity. When you register with the Science Ambassador program as a Scientist or Educator, we'll match you with other program participants in your local area who are eager to bring this experience to students.

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“It was a rewarding experience and the kids and Educators were great. Thanks for helping us get into classrooms to get students excited about science."

Bio-Rad Science Ambassador

“The experiment inspired me to be a doctor."

John, Student

“As a science Educator, I had fun seeing them do such a complex lab within a class period. I’m very proud of my students."

Catherine, Middle School Teacher